HVACNearYou.com Launches Leading Online Directory of HVAC Contractors

Growth Chart New York, NY -- March 1, 2010 --HVACNearYou.com, a leading local search and advertising company, is pleased to announce the formal launch of HVACNearYou.com - a leading online destination for consumers searching for HVAC contractors in their local area.

HVACNearYou.com was launched in partnership with Richard Dean, a 35-year industry veteran and Past Chairman of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America. Mr. Dean notes that "people predominantly use the internet to find local service providers. HVACNearYou.com is a simple way for facilities to connect with consumers who are searching online for HVAC contractors near them."

Thousands of people search HVACNearYou.com every day to find HVAC contractros. Providers list on the site with a custom profile and prospects call them directly. "There's really no downside to list - results are totally measurable and everything is tracked," adds Dean.

In addition to providing new business to HVAC professionals, HVACNearYou.com also provides sophisticated reporting tools that allow clients to measure the volume and quality of calls they receive. HVACNearYou.com also offers a "secret shopper" program by providing HVAC professionals with audio recordings of the customer phone calls they receive through the service. "It's a fantastic sales coaching and training tool," shares Dean.

"We're thrilled to launch HVACNearYou.com and drive new business to participating professionals nationwide," says Howard Lerman, CEO.

HVACNearYou.com is currently accepting applications to list from HVAC contractors seeking new business. Contact us directly at 1-888-250-9157.

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